Due to a ‘new legal ruling’ you could still claim £1000’s.

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How come?

A new Supreme Court Decision means we can now challenge your PPI rejection under a new legal ruling.

No-one likes rejection

Disappointed with your PPI claim?

You’ve made a claim for mis sold PPI, completed all the forms and now wait patiently in anticipation for a PPI payout. As the weeks and months roll by, the anticipation begins to build in your mind of an unexpected windfall you are going to receive…..

A letter from your bank lands on your doorstep. Your heart sinks. Your claim has been rejected

But all is not lost.

Your bank may not have considered the impact of a brand new law concerning Concealed Commissions. These are commission payments made to your bank/lender which were not disclosed to you when you took out the PPI policy. The good news is that even if your bank does not agree that your policy was mis sold, if your case meets some basic criteria, then the new legal ruling may be applied and your bank must reconsider it’s decision.

Maybe your PPI refund is not so far away now…


Rejected PPI Claims

A Supreme Court decision means that customs with failed PPI claims may now be eligible to make a claim.

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Concealed Commission Claims

If you have taken out a secured loan from a broker you may not have realised the enormous amount of commission paid by the Lender to the Broker. Fast Track Law can recover commission that was not disclosed to you.

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